Testimonials and Client stories


We sought guidance from Felicity after observing anxious and fearful behaviour from our beagle Ziggy on his annual visit to the vet. Through monthly home visits and weekly email conversations Felicity taught us how to better understand Ziggy's body language and helped us learn the necessary skills to build Ziggy's confidence when it comes to having his body handled in a clinical setting. The difference we have seen over the course of a year has amazed us. Ziggy is a happier and more confident dog and it is with thanks to what we have learned from Felicity.
Emma + Pete (Humans)
and Ziggy

Simply exceptional – in a league of her own
Our 13-year-old dog is a rescue and had been attacked a couple of times by other dogs. Mentally, he was in a mess. Every walk outside was stressful for both him and the family. We’d tried other dog trainers (including one with a Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour) – yet to no avail.
Felicity was recommended to us, and the rest is history. I can’t rave about her more. From her wonderful personality (her patience, empathy, professionalism, expertise… she’s an absolute joy to work with) to the simple fact - her methods work! The convenience and flexibility of on-line training is a game-changer, too. We now have a happy, confident dog and enjoy our walks.
Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Felicity can give you and your dog a life back

Helen and Dave (Humans)
and Ruby and Leo

We are Crystal and Doug. Doug was rescued as a puppy from remote north west Australia (an outback dog!), likely from generations of outback dogs. Since puppyhood, he's always been a goofy, energetic and happy boy toward people/dogs he knows well but can be anxious and nervous in new situations like new parks or strangers entering our home. His behaviors started making me nervous to take him to the park and have friends over to my house, which is something I enjoyed doing with previous dogs. Felicity was recommended by a Animal Behaviorist in Perth, Western Australia. Felicity calmly and patiently worked with us, increasing the confidence of myself and Doug to be able to go to new parks, take holidays away and have friends over at the house. She has helped me learn about dog psychology and read behaviors in Doug and other dogs which I previously did not know, and taught me about enrichment activities to help further increase his confidence and stimulate his mind. If you are looking to better understand your dog, train to best suit their personality, and work with a gentle, caring trainer I would highly recommend Felicity.
Crystal and Doug

We enrolled our 4 month old pup, Juno, into Life Skills level 1 with Felicity after Juno had already done puppy school elsewhere but we felt she needed a bit more of a challenge. Felicity's group class provided the best opportunity to teach an easily distracted but eager to please pup some essential basics that were never even touched on in puppy school. Felicity provided plenty of one-on-one tips and advice, as well as great resources revising things learned in class so we could easily practise at home. We enrolled Juno in Life Skills level 2 because Felicity's style of teaching clicked so well for us and she really helped Juno reach her potential. I couldn't recommend Felicity more for all your dog training needs.
Kalanie and Mike
Kalanie and Juno

The latest addition to our family “Rubi” had extreme anxiety when she joined our family at 12 weeks old. She couldn’t leave the house, we couldn’t have visitors, she would shake with anxiety at every noise she heard and destroy everything in sight if we left her alone for even ½ an hour. After 5 sessions with Felicity, Rubi is confident, loves going for a walk every day, is becoming more sociable with other dogs, is now becoming comfortable with visitors in our house AND we can leave the house without coming home to any mess! Most importantly- Rubi is relaxed and not an anxious dog anymore! We can’t thank Felicity enough for her amazing training!
Sharon and Rubi
Franco, Marius and Kawhi

Felicity has been working with our 3 French Bulldogs for the last 2 years and without her we would have been lost! She has taken so much care and showed a genuine commitment to helping us managing 3 very different personalities and getting the best from their training. Felicity is the real dog whisperer and her knowledge is invaluable! We are so sad that she will no longer be practicing in Perth but will absolutely continue to do virtual training with her and know she will achieve great success no matter where she calls home
Franco, Kawhi and Marius

I asked Felicity for help with my German Pointer Alma who was getting a little bit out of control, especially regarding recall. She would get away from me and would get into trouble with other dogs. As my dog is already 5, I thought it would be very hard to get her back on tracks and I wasn't sure training would help. But that was before I met Felicity! Felicity has a gift, she seems to be talking dog language, it's quite amazing to watch her connect with a dog like she does. She is extremely knowledgeable, she seemed to understand immediately what was stressing Alma or happening in her brain. She also took my dog's personality into consideration and did not try to get unrealistic results. I am extremely happy with the progress my dog has made in the past few months. Everyone around me has noticed the results. Alma's recall is now as perfect as can be, she listens to me and is in tune with my commands again. Felicity has also taught me many things about my own behavior with my dog. I have learnt from her at every session. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I am gutted she is going away. Getting her on board was the best decision I have ever made for my dog and me. Thank you so much Felicity 🙂
Julie with Charlie and Alma
Bronson and Poppy

Words cannot truly describe the incredibly positive impact that Felicity from Comprehensive K9 has had in our lives and the lives of our two rescue dogs, Bronson and Poppy. Bronson came to our family as a puppy mill pup, underage and malnourished. By the time that he was 9 months old it became very clear that he had some serious behavioural issues that we needed to address ASAP. He was reactive and anxious and this manifested into very intense mouthiness (not great for what was going to be a big dog) and chewing (and swallowing) everything that he shouldn’t. It wasn’t long after a very expensive vet bill for said chewing behaviour that we were referred to a dog behaviourist, Dr. Kate from Kalmpets and Felicity was the consultant assigned to us. Felicity is an amazing trainer and an even better advocate for you and your dog. Her understanding of dog behaviour and her knowledge of how to use positive experiences to change and reinforce good dog behaviour sets you and your dog up for the best chance to succeed. She gives you the tools, couple that with some of your own motivation and positivity and there is really no limit to what you can achieve. Bronson went from a mouthy, anxious and reactive 9 month old to a well socialised, happy, epilepsy seizure alert and response dog who won the 2021 RSPCA WA Animal Award for saving my life 2 times when I was having uncontrolled epileptic seizures. The tools and strategies that Felicity developed with us for Bronson, stayed with us for our second rescue pup, Poppy. The knowledge and skills we gained during her one on one sessions and in group training sessions helped us to give Poppy the best start to life, she recently passed the Comprehensive K9 Life skills Level 2 training and is about to start Masterclass and agility training at just over 12 months of age. Thank you Felicity!!
Lauren and Sue (Humans)
with Poppy and Bronson

I wish that I had found Felicity much sooner instead of staggering from trainer to trainer making little, if any, progress. In any other sort of problem in life one consults a specialist; for a dog with separation anxiety Felicity is that specialist: calm, patient, clear, encouraging, resourceful, experienced, qualified. I was initially sceptical about Felicity’s suggestion that using a remotely controlled camera was a fundamental part of her training, but of course it makes perfect sense. How else are you going to observe the behaviour of your dog when you are on the other side of the door ? I also wondered how effective the training regime was going to be when Felicity was not in the room with me and we were using Zoom. In fact, it’s more realistic this way, because that’s the situation you are going to be in when you are leaving your dog at home. Felicity’s method is easy to set up and use, including the camera, it’s not necessary to be technically proficient. We have made significant progress and I look forward to continuing our training, via Zoom, when Felicity returns to Ireland. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Felicity for a dog with separation anxiety.
Georgina (Human)
and Luca

We have been working with Felicity for a little over 8 months to help our beautiful boy, Relton, overcome his separation anxiety. Felicity has been amazing in helping us on the way to “freedom”. She is very knowledgeable and has helped us gain more of an understanding of Relton’s behaviours and keeps us motivated through training sessions. We still have a long way to go but are seeing massive improvements from when we first started. We would be lost without Felicity!
Stacey (Human)
and Relton
Luke (Human) and Relton