“If diagnosed and treated correctly, the prognosis for a dog with separation anxiety is excellent.” ~ Voith & Borchelt, 1985

Myth-busting Separation Anxiety

  • You did not cause your dog’s separation anxiety by ‘spoiling’ them, your dog is simply well loved.
  • Your dog is not acting out to get back at you for any reason.
  • Separation anxiety can not be cured with more exercise, training or restriction in a crate.
  • Your dog will not learn to not destroy your home if you tell him off sternly enough when you come home.
  • Your dog will not be cured if you provide calming music, lavender diffusers or your scented t-shirt to sleep on.                                                             It is not your fault, it is not your dog’s fault but it can be treated!

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety in dogs is a tragic panic disorder or phobia affecting the lives of millions of dogs and the people who love them. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety display recurrent and excessive distress about anticipating being left alone. 

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

Separation-related anxiety in dogs is one of the most challenging behavioural problems to live with and resolve.

Are you a loving pet owner who feels trapped in your own home?

Or are you guilt ridden, knowing that your dog is suffering when you venture out?

Do you fear what destruction you are coming home to daily?

Do you have a new puppy who can’t settle or relax at home alone?

Does your dog greet you erratically when you return home?


Dogs suffering from separation anxiety can display a wide range of symptoms when alone and anxious including

(but not limited to) :

  • Excessive vocalisation – Barking, whining, howling
  • Urination / Defecation indoors
  • Destruction of furniture, clothing, walls, doors or flooring
  • Inability to eat or drink when home alone
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Frantic greeting when you return home
I know how overwhelming this can be but please know that treatment is possible!

There is hope!

As a certified separation anxiety trainer (CSAT), I can help your dog become more comfortable when home alone.
Using a customized systematic desensitization protocol, we can slowly help your dog to feel comfortable with being home alone. We do this without force, intimidation or punishment. 
Studies support that this is not only the most ethical treatment option but the only one that offers lasting results.

How to get started?

Step 1. Questionnaire 

Please fill in the questionnaire to book a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation. This will provide me with all your information and your dog’s background and allow us more time to discuss your dog’s separation anxiety.

Step 2. Free initial phone call

Once the questionnaire has been filled out, I will contact you to book an initial 30 minute phone call where I can get to know you and your dogs needs, discuss the program, answer all your questions and most importantly its suitability for you and your dog. We can then go ahead and book an initial virtual assessment.

Step 3. Initial virtual assessment

For the initial assessment we will meet on Zoom for a video chat to further discuss your dog’s separation behaviours. I will get a chance to understand the house layout and set up. We will then complete a live behaviour assessment of your departure from the home which will help us to establish your dog’s body language and help us to develop a suitable and customised training program

Step 4. Begin your dog’s customized training program

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder so during training we have to go at the dog’s pace by systematically breaking down absences into steps that your dog can handle. Because of this we do require at least a month commitment to start the process.


Prices are provided in Euros, Australian dollars and British Pound

4 Week Foundation Training Plan and Support – Euro €440 / AUD $685 / GBP £380

Initial live assessment

Individualised training sessions planned and adjusted every day, 5 days a week.

Weekly live virtual re-assessment and check-in

Daily ongoing email and phone support, problem solving help and coaching

4 Week Ongoing Training Plan and Support – Euro €355 / AUD $550 / GBP £305

Individualised training sessions planned and adjusted every day, 5 days a week.

Weekly live virtual re-assessment and check-in

Daily ongoing email and phone support, problem solving help and coaching

Individual live assessment – Euro €85 / AUD $135 / GBP £73

This option may be selected individually as an alone time assessment to determine your dog’s training starting point and to discuss the next steps for you and your dog. This cost will be taken off your foundation plan if the program is deemed suitable for you and your dog.