About Me

Felicity Kelleher

I began my animal care experience, working in veterinary nursing and running puppy and advanced training classes which I enjoyed immensely. However, I always had a special interest in behaviour and training.

Terry, a Koolie X who I owned during my nursing career was a rescue with significant anxiety and I believe that my desire to help him, fuelled my interest in behaviour.

During my studies I enjoyed the behaviour units the most, which drove me to pursue my first dog training certification. Unfortunately the course I firstly chose involved practical elements where they promoted forceful punishment methods. While I did complete the course, it made me uncomfortable to think that this was the only way to train dogs which was the opinion of the course instructors. I found myself researching the big brains in dog training who I had looked up to, Ken Ramirez, Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Susan Friedman to provide assurance that I did not have to cause pain and be forceful to train a dog. This course, although distressing for me, also affirmed that I wanted to pursue force free ethical dog training which then drove me to pursue other courses that are more reputable and evidence based.

I was lucky enough to get a job at Kalmpets, an animal training and behaviour centre. My years working at Kalmpets with Animal Veterinary Behaviourist, Dr. Kate Lindsay and Behaviour trainer, Tracey Lord were invaluable, I learnt to understand and consider every individual component that may influence a dog’s behaviour and to work within the dog’s abilities.

Then Roisin came into my life. Roisin is a Brittany, a highly driven, intelligent working dog. She required a few orthopaedic surgeries at a young age, which challenged me to find further avenues to mentally stimulate Roisin and mange her behaviour and frustration during her recovery period. This led me to pursue scent work and trick training which we continue to enjoy. 

In December 2019, I created my business and since then I have enjoyed being on the road, consulting with clients and their dogs, also taking scent work, trick training classes, puppy classes and adolescent group classes.

Throughout the years I have continued to fuel my passion of dogs and their behaviour through ongoing continued education. Most recently I have completed a fascinating certification course under Malena DeMartini to become a Separation Anxiety Trainer.